Loss of Share Certificate(s)


Loss of Share Certificate(s) of the Company are required to be notified without delay alongwith the following documents :

  • Certified copy of an FIR / police acknowledged complaint.
  • Affidavit affirming loss of the Share Certificate(s).
  • Indemnity agreeing to indemnify the Company against any future claims that may be made on the Company arising out of issuance of such duplicate Share Certificate(s) by the Company.
  • Self attested copies of any two of Passport / Driving License/ Voters Identity Card / Aadhar Card etc. towards proof of identification & address.
  • Self attested copy of PAN Card.

For printing specimen of FIR, Affidavit and Indemnity: Click here


The FIR / police acknowledged complaint should be lodged in English and must necessarily include complete information about the Share Certificate(s) reported lost / misplaced, viz, Share Certificate no(s), distinctive nos, number of Shares, folio no(s) etc. In case the FIR / police acknowledged complaint is lodged in a local language, a duly certified English translated version of the same should also be made available to RTA.

Duplicate Share Certificate(s) cannot be issued by the Company where the Shares in question are transferred / dematerialised.

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