The SAFE Car Promise 2.0

The SAFE Car Promise 2.0 re-affirms our commitment to stringent safety & hygiene protocols - that would set & raise the benchmarks for the Industry.

The key components of The SAFE Car Promise 2.0 include:

  • Vaccination of all chauffeurs with a minimum of one dose.
  • Experienced & trained chauffeurs with rigorous background checks and periodic certification by the National Skill Development Council.
  • Best maintained car fleet, straddling premium to luxury segments.
  • Chauffeurs and fleet teams trained with comprehensive sanitization mandates, pre & post every guest usage.
  • Daily thermal temperature checks for chauffeurs.
  • Partnership with Savlon (from ITC Ltd) a recognized & accredited hygiene trust mark - for protection from 99.9% germs including a wide range of viruses & bacteria.
  • Mandatory usage of medically approved masks, gloves, and sanitizers for chauffeurs.
  • Stringent daily deep cleaning protocols with accredited surface antimicrobials.
  • Strict adherence to State & Central Government guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Commitment to Climate wide induction of EV fleet in identified segments.

We reaffirm our commitment to serving you - as India’s most trusted, safe and reliable travel & mobility service provider. The well being of our guests, associates, and partners has always been of paramount importance to us.

The SAFE Car Promise Standard Operating Procedure

We have set a step-by-step procedure to be carried out by all chauffeurs in ensuring safety and hygiene for our guests.

  Step Frequency
Pre-Duty Chauffeur to use personal transport Daily
  Safety Briefing & Updates (red zone routes, hygiene) Bi-Weekly
  Thermal contactless temperature check Daily
  Check for active Aarogya Setu app Daily
  Wear assigned Mask & Gloves Daily
  Check amenities (Savlon sanitizer, Savlon disinfectant spray-can*) Every duty
  Clean & Disinfect the car completely – inside & outside (using Bioprotect 500* disinfectant) Daily
  Core Pre-Rental routine checklist (engine, tyres, uniform, beverages, etc) Every duty
  No newspapers or magazine folder to be kept Every duty
Guest Pick-Up Open the Door (guest should not touch) Every duty
  Disinfect the Guest Baggage (use Savlon spray) Every duty
  Show Temperature snap to Guest Every duty
  Offer Hand-sanitizer to Guest Every duty
  Offer fresh mask to the guest (if required) Every duty
  Disinfect the indoor door handle, window button and seat with Savlon Disinfectant spray in front of guest  
  Maximum Number of guest per car - as stipulated by the State / Central government Every duty
  Offer the choice between partial Window Open, or use of AC with ‘Outside’ air button switched on Every duty
Guest Drop-off Sanitize the pen / stylus Every duty
  Open the Door for the guest Every duty
  Disinfect the door handles, window switches, seat belts, arm rest, knobs, reading material using Savlon disinfectant spray (after guest departure) Every duty

Savlon / Bio-protect spray is a Surface Disinfectant (biocide or germicide) for killing 99.9% virus, bacteria, & several harmful micro-organisms.

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