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Responsible Travel Cleaner Greener Safer WorldIt has slowly but surely dawned on the collective consciousness of mankind that it cannot continue to plunder the planet's environment without consequences. The climate is getting warmer due to spiraling carbon footprint and green house emissions. Glaciers and polar icecaps are melting at alarming rates. Storm systems are becoming increasingly devastating. The air we breathe, and our seas and oceans are threateningly polluted. The Earth - our home, is at serious risk of sustainability.

Socio-environmental conscious brands and conglomerates are at the forefront in demonstrating leadership for a sustainable future.

We at International Travel House Ltd. (ITH), too are committed to a sustainable future. Worldwide, travel and tourism account for nearly five percent of carbon emissions - transportation, documentation, consumables, etc., all contributing to this.

We recognise the need to be watchful at each step and to re-design operations in unique thoughtful ways that minimise impact on an environment we co-own with the rest of mankind. We've taken the lead through our initiative of Responsible Travel, a first-of-its-kind by any Indian travel company that aims to adopt and promote the highest principles of environmental stewardship in the travel-tourism space.

It refers to accentuated sensitivity, decision-making and actions on part of each of our employees, and all others participating in the planning, delivery and consumption of travel-tourism.

ITH's Responsible Travel will be a unique bouquet of green initiatives and safe travel initiatives, a reflection of our responsibility towards the customers' safety, quality of travel, as also our commitment to the environment. We will strive for a standard of travel that makes the world a better place. We will work hard to embed environmental and social considerations into business operations, because we believe it is vital to our collective future.

Responsible Travel will encompass not only our commitment to our clients and the environment but also to our employees, stakeholders and business partners.


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