Corporate Travel Advisory Services

Corporate Travel Advisory Services is a bouquet of consultative services aimed at optimizing direct and indirect corporate travel expenses.

Travel is intrinsic to most businesses and in many cases it can define the future trajectory of the business and its competing ability. Being part of an economy that is growing and globalizing rapidly, travel, both domestic and international, is now a large and important focus area. Globally, Business Travel spends are considered amongst the top 3 controllable expense and are expected to grow at a CAGR of 8-10% over the next ten years.

The increased focus has meant that this expense is closely controlled, especially in times of economic slowdown. Businesses should recognize the need for travel as an essential and, therefore, be prudent & smart in managing travel expenses, rather than cutting down travel itself.

Businesses increasingly have to take a strategic approach to managing travel, which is about deploying resources in the right place and wisely. Travel Programs should be aimed at adopting expense management solutions that provide robust controls for monitoring, reviewing and optimizing travel costs.

As such, ITH delivers customized solutions that help enterprises extract best value from their travel programs by monitoring, controlling and reducing travel spends. It includes review of client travel policy, travel booking, payment and expensing processes, procedures and systems; analysis, benchmarking and meaningful insights from travel spend data; travel procurement support and statutory compliances (e.g. GST reporting).

In the modern world, to maintain high levels of procurement performance, businesses must continuously evolve the way they source, contract, influence and measure travel activity. ITH can help make these travel programs smarter by bringing-in modern sourcing and measurement tactics for better spend outcomes.

ITH's Subject Matter Experts are well equipped with domain knowledge, benchmark data, techniques, and proven experience to deliver a full spectrum of services that helps enterprises reduce travel spend and also positively influence traveler behavior.

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