Transient Accommodation Solutions (TAS)

Transient Accommodation Solutions

International Travel House Limited (ITH) understands that finding the right accommodation is one of the hardest challenges for travel buyers when organising stays for business travellers. Right from varied cancellation policies of different hotels to the last moment flight delays, there can be many reasons that can interrupt a travel plan and can escalate cost for organisations. With Transient Accommodation Solutions (TAS), ITH helps you manage your business stays effortlessly while you continue to focus on your work. ITH follows a three-pronged approach (Service, Savings, Control) to give corporates exclusive and innovative solutions.

The TAS servicing team has access to the required tools and platform, full understanding of client’s accommodation policies and standard operating procedures to ensure consistent service delivery. With TAS, we also aim to deliver tangible direct and indirect savings on hotel spends. Last but not the least, we assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to every client and provide them with an access to The Management Information System (MIS) tool, where one can get a comprehensive analysis of their booking behaviour, hotel spend, savings and other relevant data.



Finding the right kind of accommodation can be one of the toughest challenges for travellers, especially for the ones who travel for business. International Travel House Limited (ITH) understands this. There are many factors that can interrupt travel plans and escalate costs for organisations. These include cancellation policies of hotels and last moment flight delays. ITH provides Transient Accommodation Solutions (TAS) for travellers, making sure that your work is uninterrupted in the event of a disruption in your business travel itinerary. We follow a three-pronged approach (Service, Savings, Control) to provide corporates with the best Transient Accommodation Solutions for Travellers.

As experts in providing Transient Accommodation Solutions for Travellers, ITH helps you manage your business stays effortlessly. With ITH's TAS services, you can rest assured of a consistent service delivery. What's more, ITH's Transient Accommodation Solutions help you enjoy direct as well as indirect savings on your hotel spends.

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