Emergency Travel Services (ETS)

ETS is aimed at assisting corporate travelers in the event of an emergency. Our primary goal is to facilitate the traveler's plans by minimizing the impact the emergency has on those plans.

Travelers have many things on their minds. Knowing how they are going to get to an important meeting shouldn't be one of them. With ETS, it's one less thing to worry about.

ETS prides itself on exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our capable team stands ready to serve companies that require the very best in 24-hour travel service. ETS is much more than just emergency travel services. We will keep your travel department aware of any travel related emergencies and delays and parallelly, keep working to provide the best solution to the travellers within the boundaries of the corporate travel policy.

It seems hard not to turn on the news and see or hear about another event related to terror in our world these days. From Manchester to London to Paris to Stockholm, we continue to see events unfold that are meant to cause harm and fear. For the many families who continue to travel domestically and abroad, it is of the utmost importance to do so safely and with exit and safety plans in place.

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